This is what we do

First we understand your problem and your concerns, then we develop a plan that makes you feel comfortable and then we execute it giving prompt notice and follow-up.

We offer services for the various issues that can arise with companies of any size, from their incorporation, through aspects related to their operation, mergers, acquisitions, dissolutions, etc. We have lawyers with vast experience in:

  All types of Mexican companies

  Aspects related to foreign investment



  Special authorizations to operate, e.g., Financial Entities or Fintech

  • Todo tipo de sociedades mexicanas
  • Aspectos relacionados con la inversión extranjera
  • Contratos
  • Fideicomisos
  • Autorizaciones especiales para operar, Entidades Financieras o Fintech

At the firm we represent and have worked for individuals, companies of all sizes, national and foreign financial entities and some Fintechs.

Some operations in which we have experience are:

• Simple and syndicated loans

• Derivative products

• Funding for acquisitions, unsecured, guaranteed, and structured credit, etc.

• Project funding

• Funding backed with assets or securities

También brindamos asesoría para el gobierno corporativo familiar y el desarrollo de protocolos familiares y creamos manuales determinación de personal para Family Office. 

To make business profits more efficient, it is necessary to know national and international tax regulations. Our team has experience in almost all sectors and our services in this area are the following:

• Tax planning and strategy

• Audits

• Beneficiaries with tax-exempt status

• Dealings before Tax Authorities

• Tax and Administrative Litigation

Death and Taxes.

Our practice in these areas focuses mainly on the prevention of contingencies through audits and consulting on legal documents and various situations that arise in the particularities of the operations of each business, however, we have also handled litigation in all its stages.

In this context, we help our clients to regularize the documents that certify their ownership of real estate, from successions to sales.

We have a strategic litigation team to recover overdue portfolio from suppliers or clients of companies of various kinds, we have investigators, lawyers, financial consultants, and interns who are in charge of defining the exact route to recover money or assets for our clients, as well as if the case merits it, freeze bank accounts of the counterparties through the National Banking and Securities Commission.

Within this practice area we offer consulting and litigation services, focused mainly on good policy practices and ethics.

• Consulting:

Assistance at the start of operations for hiring personnel.

Audits to detect possible contingencies and their prevention.

Drafting of all types of individual employment contracts and other documents arising from an employment relationship.

Assistance during inspections by the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare.

Drafting, review and updating of policies, Human Resources procedures, Codes of Ethics, and Internal Work Regulations.

Confidentiality and non-compete agreements.

• Litigation:

Attention to labor lawsuits in all the Mexican states.

Strategies for the defense against individual labor lawsuits and for filing lawsuits on behalf of the worker.

We believe that due to the current business requirements and the Law to Regulate Financial Technology Institutions published in 2018, the future of financial business is along this path, so our team is highly specialized and up to date in this matter.

Our advice focuses on the legal framework applicable to digital financial services that are about to start operating in Mexico or that are already operating, we help them consolidate their business or ideas by obtaining the applicable licenses, their maintenance, and their modifications.

Our team advises individuals, families, and organizations to optimize the management of their assets, we have years of experience in the Mexican and American market, so our legal services help our clients use the best instruments and means for their benefit and transcendence. We have relationships with the most important banks in Mexico and the United States of America, so we also offer management services for any viable financial instrument.

We also provide advice on family corporate governance and the development of family protocols, and we create personnel determination manuals for the Family Office.

Our services within this practice area range from the creation of a Privacy Notice to data protection litigation arising from the misuse of personal data.

In this sector we have helped clients create a vehicle for raising capital that ranges from complex investment funds to companies for investment promotion that have transcended in the Mexican market.

We have successfully assisted clients with services such as:

• Joint Ventures

• Mergers and acquisitions

• Creation of Trusts

• Private Offers

Our team has helped on the negotiation and preparation of various types of Trusts, particularly related to:

• Wealth Management

• Business activities

• Management and Payment Sources

• Asset management for succession purposes

• Guarantees

• Investments